meet actorDylan McKenzi

Little about Dylan McKenzi

Dylan enjoys all areas of the Performing Arts and production. Dylan has performed before large crowds and intimate gatherings as an actor, dancer, pianist, and singer.

Dylan’s info

Dylan started acting on stage at the age of four as an ensemble cast member at Livonia Youth Theater. At five, Dylan enrolled in the MBS School of Dance and trained as a dancer. While still acting and dancing, Dylan also began training as a singer and pianist. Dylan has trained at Her and Her Music, Wayne Weekend School of Music, Lashell’s School of Dance, The Dance Theater of Harlem and The Star Movement.

Dylan has appeared in countless plays and other stage performance. One of her favorite roles was as the Mad Hatter in “Alice and Wonderland” performed by the Charles G. Adams Drama Ministry.

Dylan has trained with Holly Caputo, Anthony Reimer, Carrie Anne Harrell and Ellen Jacoby. Dylan’s television work includes appearing as a guest star on the PBS television show, “Think Squad,” She currently works as talent and script -writer for Youth News Network.

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