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Little about Trey Bourgeois

Growing up in New Orleans, my family always considered me the entertaining one. I was constantly making random videos with my friends, that looking back, were just simply embarrassing. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I started acting.

Trey’s info

I realized how much thrill it gave me to act after staring in the gripping and dramatic “Bang Bang, You’re Dead” to the wild and imaginative “Alice in Wonderland”, . Years later, I found “The Star Movement”. By training with this company, a desire to further my passion for acting began. By working with coaches and agents who’ve experienced the whole spectrum of being on camera, it has given me a greater appreciation and drive to work towards this career.

Through this industry I hope to better people and contribute to work that is beneficial for growth in a person. Whether it’s encouraging someone or getting the audience to relate to an emotion I’m portraying. My career as an actor will be beneficial for others.

Someone who I have watched growing up and who inspires me is Will Smith. Whatever it is I’m doing, I want people to look at me and see that exact passion and a committed heart.

One thing I hope to bring to the table is music. Music has been a huge factor in my life and has helped me get by when trials come my way. I want to use that same emotion music brings to me, to the screen. I feel people connect more with a character when you display a similar emotion and by that, can better that person. Ultimately, the reason behind all this and the reason I have this opportunity, is because of God. He has redeemed my life and because of that, I want to bring Him glory with the abilities and doors He’s provided for me.

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