Creating Stars

The Star Movement team is made up of "The Best of the Best" coaches, teachers, chhoreographers and photographers from all over the world.

Our TSM teamm will be traveing with us to each city to help us develop, train and package the best singers, dancers, actors & models, and help to "Create Stars" ... so "Align Yourself!"

Mike Cooper Creative Director

Nick Cooper is the creative director of The Star Movement. He is also the first african-american to creative-direct a television show for Hunan Television and Not only was Nick a judge on the show; but was also featured as a leader of the American Team, which garnered the highest viewership of the season.

As the first American to record and arrange songs for pop star in Beijin, Rock Records won the honor of an Artist of the Year award. If you heard J-Lo this summer, Nick coached her through the pre-record for her live performance, Nikki Minaj also enlisted him to vocal produce (Beautiful Sinner, and Marilyn Monroe), and prepare for her world tour. Beyonce called on Nick to arrange songs for what was considered one of her best performances.

Most recently, The E channel has become home to Nick, as he and Nigel Lythgoe (creater of Maerican Idol) work together in finding talent to open for the world's top stars (Lady Gaga, LMFAO, and Brad Paisley). As judges on the nationally broadcase show, Nick is featured in each episode as one of the primary leaders of the artist development team.